There are several things that you need to pay attention to while selecting  men’s dress shirts. Details like style, size, fabric, and the rest need to be duly considered, as also, factors like comfort and looks. Here are some tips you would do well to remember while shopping.

When out to buy a dress shirt (or any kind of shirt for that matter!), be very careful about its size. Check to ensure that it fits you well. This would mean taking a good look not only at the size of the chest and the torso, but also the opening of the neck, the length of the sleeves, the expanse of the shoulders and the like.

For instance, the opening of the neck should be such that the button can be fastened comfortably even if you have to wear a tie with it. However, it should not be very loose as even that would give it a clumsy appearance.

In the case of dress shirts with long sleeves, the sleeves should be long enough for you to move your arms comfortably. They should not be so short that the slightest of arm-movement makes them look untidy. If the shirt has to be worn under a jacket or blazer, the length of the sleeves should be chosen accordingly. On the other hand, sleeves that are too long should also be avoided.

The cut of the shirt should be selected based on your physique. Men with a heavy torso might like to go for full cuts, while leaner men might prefer tapered cuts.

The slightest of errors in these things can spoil the look of your shirt, no matter how classy its fabric and design are. Before buying a shirt, tuck it in your trousers or jeans (or whatever you would like wearing it with) as it would give you a better chance at finding the perfect fit.

Usually, men’s shirts made of 100% cotton enable a better comfort level and appearance than the synthetic ones. However, there are several mixes and blends of fabric such as polyester, nylon, and synthetic that you can choose from, depending upon your pocket and style.

The collar, its shape and size should match the dimensions of your face. Collars should also be long enough to outline your face crisply.

The stitching of the shirt should be neat and even all over. Check the pockets, in particular.

Wrinkle-free shirts are also an option if you want to buy men’s shirts.
Since dress shirts provide a relatively formal look, you should pay greater attention to detail while you’re out to buy them.

Dress shirts used as official wear generally have long sleeves, unless the office-code suggests otherwise.

There are various types of collars that you can consider, including collars that have a color dissimilar to the rest of the shirt.

Choosing the right kind of cuffs is also important, based on your personal style as well the setting.

Buying shirts can be a pretty tricky business for men. Just make sure that you do not miss any of the details mentioned above, so that you can pick the best from among all the men’s dress shirts options available.

It is significant to pay attention to every little detail where men’s shirts are concerned so that they can make you look truly stylish. The designs and patterns of shirts are as important as their colors and textures.
Let us take a look at the usually worn patterns:

Designs And Patterns

There are basically four kinds of patterns that constantly remain in fashion –

·    Prints
Prints are the most favored choice for informal wear. They make the shirts look bright and vibrant adding a color to the face of the wearer. They go well with plain jeans, khakis and casual pants.

·    Checks
Check shirts are considered casual and people usually refrain from wearing them with suits. They can be worn at semi formal or informal occasions with plain light colored trousers.

·    Stripes
Striped shirts are more formal than checks, however, they are not deemed proper for ceremonious occasions. They add style and zest to your personality and suit almost any kind of personality. If you want to look taller, stripes are the best way to create the illusion of those extra centimeters.

·    Solids
The most formal and classy looking design is the solid. The pattern is none at all but it defines style. The solid shirts give an added choice in the weave and knit patterns. They can be worn with any kind of trousers, with formals and casuals, with or without a suit.

Shirt Patterns And Choice Of Ties

Now that you know how to identify various patterns in men’s shirts and know when to wear them, let us try and see how they can be mixed and matched with different ties. Selecting the right tie to go with a shirt is usually governed by current trends. However, some men prefer the conventional ways of dressing.

Here are a few permutations and combinations that can assist you in reducing your confusion –

·    While wearing a patterned shirt with a patterned tie, make sure that the dimensions of the patterns are similar and not jarringly different. It is a good idea, on the other hand, to experiment with the different patterns of men’s shirts and ties.

·    Another successful shirt-tie combination is that of the same pattern on both. The trick here is to play with the dimensions of the patterns. Choosing a large check shirt, for example, with a small check tie could give pizzazz to the outfit.

·    One of the most conventional combinations is that of a plain tie with a patterned shirt. While doing so, please keep in mind that the tie-color must go well with the color of the shirt.

·    The most “proper” and conservative style includes a patterned tie worn with a plain shirt. This is considered to be formal and is also sported successfully with business suits.

Though it is always nice to know more about identifying and selecting various designs and patterns in men’s shirts and ties, please note that preferences depend on individual choice and contemporary trends.

Whether formal or casual, men’s shirts have become a symbol of style and statement for many fashion-conscious men. Even if you are not fashion-conscious, you would want to select a shirt that fits you well.  So here we are! Ready to get acquainted with the various parts, if we may call them so, of men’s shirts?


The collar is an important part of men’s shirts as it frames the wearer’s face. No matter what the occasion, the collar is always visible. It determines how your face appears to the person looking at you. An appropriately chosen collar can enhance your facial strengths and hide the weaknesses. If you like sporting smaller tie knots, buying a shirt with point collar is advised, as the points of the collar are closely cut. Buy a shirt with a cutaway collar, where the points are spread apart, if you are fond of wearing larger knots on your tie.


The cuffs are another part of the shirt that can mark the wearer’s style.
These are usually of two types: Button cuffs and French cuffs.
Button cuffs are found on ready-made shirts and may have single or double buttons that can be adjusted into place. The more formal option in button cuffs are known as barrel cuffs where there are two vertical buttons and buttonholes.

The classy alternative is the French cuff which has a double cuff that is folded back and tied up with cufflinks.  Such a cuff appears to be very classy yet can be worn every day.


The sleeves of your dress shirts must reach your wrists comfortably and must have good cuffs to complement them. The more casual look can have half sleeve shirts that reach your elbow.


Buttons, sadly, are the most ignored detail in men’s shirts. Little preference is given to the choice of buttons while selecting a shirt. However, the next time you decide to buy a shirt, keeping in mind this small detail can make your shirt look better. You can pick a shirt with four-holed buttons, two-holed buttons or engraved buttons. The last option looks quite classy and can make a great style statement. All these buttons are usually made of plastic as the material is strong and can withstand wear and tear while washing. On the other hand, if you want a more formal look, go for Mother-of-Pearl buttons that are rare and expensive but worth the buy.


These shirts usually have a single pocket on the left breast; however, most men prefer to wear shirts without pockets as pockets do not serve any purpose in shirts. Nevertheless, if you want to sport a casual look, you must go for a shirt with double pockets with buttoned flaps. For a semi-formal or formal look, you can buy a shirt with a jagged diamond pocket on the left-hand side.

So the next time you decide to buy men’s shirts, along with fabric and patterns, consider the above-mentioned details to add to the style statement you want to make.

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